Lemon Tart (II)

Goes to show how much I love lemon tarts, when I have a (II) for a recipe.

There are now also 2 recipes for the tart shell. Both are buttery and handles well, just different methods in making. Tart 1 is crunchier. Personally, I prefer Tart 2 for the almond aroma and crumblier texture.

Recipe (makes 12 small tarts )


Tart Shell Recipe 1

  • 90g salted butter
  • 1.5 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 150g plain flour

Tart Shell Recipe 2 (adapted from here)

  • 90g salted butter
  • 125g cake flour
  • 40g bread flour
  • 40g powder sugar
  • 25g almond flour (optional)
  • 25g whole beaten egg


  • 2 eggs (about 60g each with shell)
  • 80g lemon juice (if this is too sour for you, you can use 60g lemin juice with 20g water)
  • 7g corn starch (add to lemon juice and dissolve, if you wish to pipe the curd. Omit if you just want to spoon into shell or prefer a more flowy texture.)
  • 80g sugar
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • 60g salted butter


Tart Recipe 1

1. Place all shell ingredients except flour into a pot and heat under low to medium flames.

2. Heat till all sugar and butter has dissolved, with bubbles forming at the edges of pot, about 3-5 mins.

3. Turn off flames. Pour sifted flour in one go into pot and mix will a dough forms.

4. Rest for about 10 min and divide and press into tart pan. About 25g each. Makes 12 tarts using this pan. Poke holes into each tart with a fork, about 10-15 times.

5. Bake at 210 deg C for 12 min till golden brown. Cool for 5 min.Carefully overturn onto a wire rack, tarts are very delicate and may break.

Tart Recipe 2

1. Mix all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk to mix well.

2. Add butter cut into cubes and rub in till mixture resemble grains or meal.

3. Add in beaten egg, press and knead till a smooth dough.

4. Press into tart mould, 25g per mould with some balance that can be frozen for next use.

5. Freeze for 5 to 10 min till shells feels hard. Bake at 170 deg C for about 20 to 25 min till golden.


6. Now for curd. Rub whole lemon with salt and rinse clean and wipe dry. Scrape off the zest, then rub zest into sugar.

7. In a ceramic or glass bowl, add in eggs, lemon juice, sugar with zest, and stir till well mixed. Don’t use metallic bowls.

8. Place the bowl over a pot of water on the stove. Heat gently over the pot with simmering water, stir constantly with hand whisk.

Near ready, the mixture will become very foamy, and thickened, in about 5 min. Be very careful not too cook the eggs, stir constantly and just take the bowl off the heat to observe if in doubt. When it thickenslike a gel, it’s ready.

9. Remove from heat and cool for 5 -10 min. Then add in butter and stir till even.

10. Spoon into tart shells and chill before serving. The curd is rather soft and flowy and will smoothen out nicely.

11. Alternatively, you can pipe in like below in which case you will need a firmer curd. Add 7g corn starch to the lemon juice first and dissolve well. Cook the custard longer to a drier and more lumpy texture, stirring rapidly at the end of cooking.

12. After curd has cooled for 5 min, add in butter and cool some more in the fridge for about 10 to 20 min to firm up. It gets firmer as it cools and you can tell from the texture below.

Scoop into piping bag and pipe with wilton 1M for below designs.


28 Comments Add yours

  1. Straightto says:

    Looks delicious 😋 Thanks for sharing 😊


  2. Winnie Chin says:

    Looks so delicious & they are so pretty, I must try making them. Thank you so much for sharing


    1. oladybakes says:

      Thanks for your kind words.


  3. torandel says:

    Can i do this without egg?


  4. Ivy Tan says:

    They are so pretty. I must try baking them for my church charity event.


  5. Mel says:

    Thanks looks nice and easy! Can I replace condense milk?


    1. oladybakes says:

      No, can’t be replaced.


  6. Jessy says:

    The tarts need to bake at middle rack or lowest rack?
    Can i prepare the lemon curd in advanced and keep in fridge first?


  7. Irene says:

    I hv just baked the lemon tarts, the tart should be kept at room temperature or to put in the fridge. Will the tart turn soft the next day?



    1. oladybakes says:

      Keep in the fridge, the tart shell should not turn soft.


  8. Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon says:

    Hi Oldaybakes, thank you for sharing your wonderful lemon tart recipe. May i check can i bake the tart shell one day in advance then do the filling the next day? Will this way affect the taste of the tarts? Thank you.


    1. oladybakes says:

      I think the tart might soften slightly but should be ok. I usually chill the tart and consume the next day and I think still fine.


      1. Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon says:

        Thank you!


  9. Jacqui says:

    Hi Oladybakes,
    This is so inspiring to bake!
    Many Thanks for sharing.

    How do you get such a nice clean finish to the top of your shell?
    Do you scrape the leftovers of the dough with a knife?

    Is it possible to double or triple this lovely recipe?



    1. oladybakes says:

      I used my thumb and index finger to go around the edges slowly and over many times.
      Yes you can multiply the recipe.


  10. mary says:

    Nice tarts esp love lemon filling. May i know where you buy the tart tray. Thanks.


    1. oladybakes says:

      Can’t remember, I think it’s Lazada. But I’ve seen them from Phoon huat too.


  11. Bong says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your recipe and they look sooo good. May i know if you have to spread some butter on the tart tray or not required. And wondering if it’s gonna be tough trying to take the tart out after baking. Any tips on this? TQ…..


    1. oladybakes says:

      Not for me, have always fall out easily.


  12. Pauline says:

    Hi, may I know if you bake the tarts after filling it with the curd? How do you achieve the dome shape of the curd? Thanks for sharing the recipe.


    1. oladybakes says:

      No more baking as per recipe. Dome is just from filling in the curd till full.


  13. Esthee says:

    Tried it and it’s delicious but abit too sour so may need to add more sugar next time. Thank you


    1. oladybakes says:

      Can just reduce the amount of lemon juice as well.


  14. Anna says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I can use a tart pan to make one big tart instead of 12 small tarts? Will the recipe work? Thanks in advance!


    1. oladybakes says:

      Yes it will, but i have not gotten the measurements out before, both crust and filling must adjust.


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