Butter Sugar Buns


A really quick, easy one proof bun. And in classic butter sugar flavor which my kids loved.

Recipe (adapted from Fawn Setoh)

250g bread flour
10g milk powder or coffee mate
45g caster sugar
4g instant dry yeast
30g salted butter
120ml fresh milk
1 egg (55g to 60g)

1 egg for egg wash
9 butter cubes
Sugar to sprinkle

1. Place all ingredients except butter in a mixing bowl and mix at KA speed 2.
2. When a rough dough is formed, add in the butter. Continue kneading at KA speed 2 to 4. Stop intermittently to scrape down sides and turn dough around. Don’t knead at speed 4 for more than 1 min.
3. After about 20-30 min, check for window pane (must). Then use spatula to shape into smooth round dough. Cover and rest for 15 min.

4. Place dough on flat surface. Flatten and squeeze out air bubbles with palm. Divide into 9 portions (about 55g) and shape into balls. Do this by pulling down the sides of the dough, tucking it below and pinch to close the seams. Then roll on counter top  to make it round. Place in lined baking tin.

5. Proof for 1 hour (with a cup of hot water in closed, SWITCHED OFF oven) till about 2-3 times in size. (Or you can cover and proof on counter top.)


6. Take the baking tin out of the oven and pre-heat the oven to 170 deg C.

7. Egg wash the dough with beaten egg. Using a pair of scissors, make slits on top and insert butter. Lastly sprinkle generously  with sugar.


8. Bake in preheated  oven  of 170’C for 20 min till golden brown.

9. Remove from tin, remove baking paper and cool before eating.



33 thoughts on “Butter Sugar Buns

    1. Yes, surprisingly, this is soft till second and third day! Even though it is a straight dough and single proof recipe. I had to specially keep to second and third day to test, cos it was gone so fast!


    1. Please try, it’s garnered many good reviews. Because home made buns do not have preservatives added, you can consume for 3 days in air tight container at room temp. Alternatively keep in the fridge and microwave before eating, that’ll keep up to a week.


      1. I tried your recipe today, a great thanks to u for sharing! To my surprise it is so soft & yummy! I will look out more recipes from you, cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi, I tried baking the buns with some slight changes, without the butter top (saving some calories here) and they are still soft and fluffy. Would you mind I author a post using this recipe and my adaptation, and attribute this recipe with a link?


  2. I just baked it. Your recipe is awesome, it turn up soft and fluffy. My son loves to eat it. Indeed,
    I have a question to ask, I just use normal mixer to mix the dough for almost 40 to 50 miN’s but I have stopped it 10mins interval each time, eventhough I used mixer to knead it, I still cannot get the window pane as yours, your is very elasticity and able to stretch till very thin layer but if I get too thin it will break. May I know how to get till very thin without breaking ?


    1. If you think the kneading is complete, then maybe it’s the way you pull the pane, to do it gently and slowly. Another thing to try is to relax the dough as it can get rather tense just after kneading by mixer.


  3. Awesome recipe, i surely wanna try it, but since i am lactose intolerant i used lactose free milk instead of fresh, than to bread buns were amazing and i also coated top layer with rabdi the taste was like heaveb


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