Walnut Sourdough

I always get beautiful loaves with this recipe, I suspect the messy walnut inclusions help with releasing the ear, 😄.

It’s the standard SD recipe for me, just watch out and adjust bulk fermentation based on your environment temperature and your starter strength.


300g bread flour (I use mostly Japanese bread flour and Bob Redmill artisanal bread flour, can mix in wholemeal, rye, spelt etc)

210g water

6g salt

70g levain

15g olive oil

55g toasted walnut


1. Mix in all ingredients. Form a rough dough with no dry flour.

2. Do 1 to 2 stretch and fold and some kneading to ensure all flours bits are mixed in every 20 to 30 min. After 1 hour from mixing, do 1 lamination to add in walnuts.

3. Do another 2 to 3 sets of coil folds at 45 to 60 min intervals, depending on dough strength and extensibility.

5. Total bulk time was about 4 hours till dough has expanded 1.5 times and is jiggly when moved.

6. Shape and place into fridge for 12 hour cold retard.

7. Take out of fridge, score and bake immediately at 230 deg C covered in a dutch oven for 30 min, then at 220 deg C uncovered for another 15 min or based on your usual temperature for your oven.


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