Lemon Tart (II)

Goes to show how much I love lemon tarts, when I have a (II) for a recipe. Just wanted to make the tart shell recipe even simpler, and also wanted to avoid measuring eggs, so I modified the old one. The texture of the shell is crumbly and buttery inside, and crusty, even flaky, outside….

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Yes, lemon again. My whole family loves it, so I bake it. Try this recipe, it’s so light, it almost doesn’t feel like dessert. There’s no butter, no coconut cream and not too heavy on oil and sugar.

Lemon Tarts

My children and I love lemon tarts and I’ve been paying so much for them at places like Cedele, abc, Delifrance etc. Abc sells one for $6, which is enough for me to make everything here. This is a simple hand mixed recipe. One key thing to note is the double boiling of the curd…