Mini Hot Dog Rolls

These little buns are super addictive, my two boys each had 4 at a go, before they called it a day. Try to get better hot dogs, I used mozzarella and tomato hot dogs for these. The dough is based on Killer Toast Recipe, easy and quick.


Recipe (makes about 19-20)

  • 260g bread flour
  • 180g (1 egg plus milk)
  • 30g sugar
  • 3g yeast
  • 2g salt
  • 30g butter
  • 20 mini hot dogs

Method (see details of kneading dough here)

  1. Before starting, blanch hot dogs in hot water and leave to dry completely on a kitchen towel.IMG_3451
  2. Mix all except butter, salt and hot dogs in a stand mixer till a rough dough forms. Then add in butter and salt and knead till window pane. Shape into a round dough and set aside to proof for about 1 hour.IMG_3449IMG_3450
  3. Flatter dough and divide into 25g each. Shape into round doughs and rest covered for 10 min.IMG_3454IMG_3455
  4. After resting, roll out using a rolling pin, fold 1/3 up and down. Then fold in half lengthwise and pinch into a tube shape. Repeat for all.IMG_5485IMG_5486IMG_5483
  5. I shaped them in 2 ways. For the first, roll out the tube with your hands to a carrot shape, pointed at one end. Then roll it out with a rolling pin till flat (pat away bubbles at edges). Finally swiss-roll up with hot dog in the centre. IMG_3462IMG_3463IMG_3464
  6. Method 2 is faster. Roll out the dough till flat (pat away bubbles at the edges), then wrap around hot dog like a blanket.IMG_3468IMG_3469
  7. Leave all to proof on the lined baking tray for about 50 mins. Egg wash with a beaten egg after proofing.IMG_3471
  8. Bake at 175 deg C for 20-25 min. To get even colouring, you can turn on the fan mode for the last 5 min.
  9. IMG_3477IMG_3483IMG_3484IMG_3485

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Daphne says:

    Hi there
    Great recipe
    But how does measure 180g(one egg plus milk)
    Kindly help.


    1. oladybakes says:

      Crack one egg, then top up with milk till the total weighs 180g.


  2. Ally says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your recipe! May I check how long can i keep these buns? As there is hotdog in the bun, just wondering how do i keep these fresh


    1. oladybakes says:

      Although I have kept for about 2 days, suggest you consume within 24 hours as I do not know how fresh are the sausages.


  3. Irene says:

    Today i hv tried the mini hot dog buns and it turned out yhe top is hard n inside is soft. Wht is the reason tht the top is hard?

    Pls advise.

    Thank you.


    1. oladybakes says:

      Maybe the crust is overbaked. Can try a slightly lower temp or place at lower rack. Every oven is different.


  4. Charlene says:

    For butter, do we use salted or unsalted butter? Thank you!


    1. oladybakes says:

      I usually use salted butter.


  5. valerie chan says:

    really love the recipe, can omit egg as my man is egg allergy? what can I replaced?


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