Nutella Star Bread

Other than looking very beautiful, something good enough for gifting, this star bread is yummy and fun to make.



1. After first proof (after step 3 in the above link), cut out 4 portions of 70g. Roll them round. The rest of dough can be used to make small buns.

2. Flour surface and roll out 1 dough into a round flat piece. Flour a bit more if dough is too sticky, but sparingly each time. Then spread Nutella on top.

2. Roll out a second dough and place on top of the Nutella. Then spread Nutella on top of the second piece.

3. Repeat till all 4 pieces are used up, but do not spread Nutella on the last piece of dough.

4. Place a small glass on the centre of the stack.

5. With a sharp knife, make a total of 16 slits around.

6. Take 2 pieces, twist them away from each other, twice. Then pinch ends together. See video here:

7. Repeat till all 8 sets of 2 are done. Proof for 30min.

8. Eggwash. Then bake for 15 – 20 min in the oven at 170 degC. Till golden brown.


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