Easy Chawanmushi

Really sooooooo easy, you won’t believe it. Leaving out optional ingredients, you only need 2 things – eggs and stock.

Yet the result is silky soft egg pudding. So, let’s get cracking, eggs!

Recipe (for 3 portions)

  • 2 eggs (about 60-65g with shell)
  • 200 ml stock ( I used Swanson)
  • Additional ingredients like mushrooms, crab stick, chicken slices….


1. This is optional, oil 3 small bowls if you do not want to scrub them later. Sesame oil is a great choice.

2. Prepare additional ingredients by cutting them up. Don’t use too much, 1 crab stick, few thinly sliced mushroom will do. Or just do without and just enjoy the silky egg pudding.

3. Crack the egg in a bowl and STIR with a fork. No beating because we don’t want any bubbles. You will still see separated egg whites after stirring and that’s okay.

4. Add in stock. I used Swanson which already has salt. You can use Japanese stock too. STIR some more, avoid beating.

5. This is the most important step, SIEVE the egg mixture once. There will be some egg white bits collected, don’t force it through the sieve.

6. Place ingredients and egg mixture into bowls. Cover with steaming-safe cling wrap. If you have a proper chawanmushi container with cover, then skip the cling wrap.

7. Place bowls into pot for steaming. Turn heat to high till water boils then turn to very low heat. Steam for about 13-15 min. You may need to adjust time based on your pot, number of bowls etc.

7. To check for done-ness, eggs should be firm but the centre portion may seemed slightly watery/ jiggly and that’s fine. We don’t want the pudding over-cooked. If bubbles appear or worse wrinkling, then eggs are over done or the flames were too big.

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