Light Mango Cheesecake (with yoghurt)

The weather has been sooo hot and mangoes are in season. Here’s a great recipe for a refreshing dessert. It’s non-bake and you can whip this up in under and hour, easy peasy.

Recipe (6″)


  • 60g digestive biscuit
  • 50g melted butter
  • Cheese filling

    • 125g Philadelphia block cream cheese
    • 40g milk
    • 2-3 tbsp powder sugar, to taste
    • 1/2 tbsp gelatin powder with 2 tbsp hot water
    • 1 tub Meiji mango yoghurt
    • 1/2 a mango chopped


    1. Use a 6″ loose bottom tin.

    2. Crush biscuits in a bag with rolling pin.

    3. Add melted butter and mix well. Then press into the cake tin. Set aside in the fridge.

    4. Place cheese, sugar and milk in a mixing bowl and double boil over a pot of hot water.

    5. Mix gelatin powder with hot water.

    6. Whisk cream cheese mixture till well mixed. Then add in gelatin and mix again.

    7. Add in yoghurt and mix.

    8. Lastly, add in chopped mango and stir.

    9. Pour into cake tin over biscuit base. Chill for 3 hours at least before serving.


    4 Comments Add yours

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Can I replace 40g milk with coconut milk


      1. oladybakes says:

        Don’t think the taste will go well with mango.


    2. Shivonne says:

      HI, may i know what can be used to substitute gelatin in the recipe please? Thank you.


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