Controlled Cracking for Chiffon

Tried something new the other day which I saw from a Taiwanese FB. The aim is to achieve a clean, patterned, crack top and the look would be so pleasant that there will be no need to overturn the cake when serving.

The steps are simple and can be used on any chiffon, but a lot depends on observing keenly and a quick hand. Here are some steps and pictures.

  • After placing the batter into the oven,  let it bake for 10 to 15 min.
  • Once a firm, smooth top is formed and the Chiffon has risen slightly, get ready to do the cut. The below cake was taken out about 13 min into baking.
  • Pull out the wire rack, try your best not to move the cake tin too much, so as not to shake the weakly formed cake structure.
  • Make quick slits around the cake using a sharp knife about 1-2 cm deep. Some sawing motion maybe needed. Whole thing shouldn’t take more than 1 min.
  • Return tray into oven and continue baking.



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