Shaping Buns

Buns are gratifying to make. They are technically less demanding than full loaves, no need for the perfect window pane, and every step is shorten as they can proof and bake faster. Adding fillings make them the perfect snack too. Here are some ways to shape the buns.

The main dough is using Champion Toast, one of my favourite straight dough recipe for breads.


Preparing Doughs

After first proof, flatten the dough to release air. Divide according to dough weight, and then roll into balls. Cover and rest for 10 min. Resting is a must to relax the dough for shaping later.

Prepare the filling ingredients too. I used up egg mayo and a few slices of ham cut into strips, and also shredded cheese.


Braided Ham and Cheese (50g dough)

Roll out into a long  rectangle shape about 20 cm long. Make 8 slanted cuts on both sides as shown. Place the ham in the centre.

Next add some shredded cheese and just cover with dough strips alternating each side. Set asidde to proof for about 50 min.

Fat Rose Egg Mayo (50g dough)

Flatten balls into a roundish shape. Make 4 cuts as shown. Place egg mayo in the centre, lift up one petal to wrap around it.

Lift up petal from the opposite end and wrap around, do the same for the other 2 petals and a rose shape will be form. Set aside for second proof.

Flower Sugar Buns (35g)

Roll out the round dough till flat. Press down with fingers the bottom part then roll up like a Swiss roll. Then now, roll into long strips like a rope. With this rope, tie a simple knot with one long end and one short end as shown.

Now, bring the long end to go into the centre of the knot, and then join it with the short end by pinching them together and a flower will form. This shape is the hardest because the dough will be sticking to each other and requires some judgement on size of knot and length of ends. Practise with plasticine first.

Finishing Up


After the second proof of about 50 min, egg wash the buns. Add sugar to the flower buns and also shredded cheese to the egg mayo buns if you wish. Bake at 180 deg c for 20 min. Cool.



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