Cake Decoration with SMBC

Unbelievable, but true. I made this cake over a 4 hour class with 6 other ladies at Bakers Brew Studio. My first time with many things – colouring the cream, frosting the cake, making the flowers (and all that piping)…… so novice was I. I was slowest in finishing many of the task, but the teacher was helpful and classmates were encouraging. I don’t think I can replicate this at home, I will need to buy a lot of equipment.

Some notes on the SMBC, it is super duper, oh so, buttery. I love my butter, but it’s really not for heavy consumption, it’s very stable for piping. The class consisted of a demo on how to make the SMBC, the amount of butter was truly scary. The cake was polished off when I brought it home, but most of the cream was thrown away.

They provided the sponge cake in 2 layers and all the tools. Seen here are the tip for the flowers and the flower nail to hold it.

We started with mixing the colour on our own – violet, pink, light mauve and a deeper mauve. It’s a really lovely sight. Note to self, the mauve or dusty red is achieved with mixing red and brown.


Next we moved on to pipe the flower on the flower nail. These were place on baking paper and onto the baking tray. In all, I piped about 30 flowers all on my own. The whole tray is then placed in he freezer.

After that, we moved on to frost the cake, also using SMBC. This turned out a lot more difficult for me. My frosting was uneven, resulting in a cake that was not round. There were little specks of crumb I had to deal with, the instructor had to rescue me a number of times by removing extra cream and evening it out. After frosting, the extra rings on top of the cake was added to prop up the flowers.

Now we can place all the frozen flowers on top. The SMBC flowers were by now frozen hard, and feels exactly like solid butter.


Lastly, we pipe in the leaves to cover the gaps.


It was really fun, 4 hours flew by in a flash. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You can see in the next picture that my had melted the flowers a little and some colour transfer occurred. We were reminded to wipe our hands after placing each piece.







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