Drip Frosting for Cakes

Sharing this easy and rustic way of frosting cake that’s been quite popular for some time now. It’s really easy if you don’t seek perfection on how the drips flow. Also makes for a much lighter cake as it is partially frosted and uses whipping cream.

Mine is flavoured with kaya, butter and coconut cream, but feel free to use only the whipping cream with some icing sugar. You can use colouring, essence, or add some yogurt too. Basically, a very free and easy recipe.

Only key tip, I think, would be to hand whisk this. Do not use machine as the risk of over whipping is just too high.

Recipe (to cover 7″ round cake)

  • 30g kaya jam
  • 25g butter cubed
  • 15g coconut cream (can omit)
  • 130 dairy whipping cream
  • Decorative toppings like chocolate, fruits, icing sugar etc.


1. Place kaya, butter and coconut cream in a metal mixing bowl. Hand whipped till well combined.

2. Place a ice block below the bowl. Add in whipping cream.

3. Continue to whisk for the next few minutes until cream thickens. Midway, you can do a taste test and add more ingredients if you like, or sugar for a sweeter taste.

4. The final product after about 5 min, should still flow in the bowl. When you whisk, it leaves light strokes on the surface. Below shows the progress.

5. The cream is reading to be used. I use a spatula to cover the top first. Then add small portions at the edge and use spatula to push it outwards to create drips. Go round the edge, drip by drip.

6. Smooth out the top one last time, but it need not be too neat and the cream will smoothen out a little by itself. Add toppings. Store in fridge till ready to serve.

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