Baked Cheese Cake

I was trying to use up my bag of frozen shredded cheese, which I normally keep for making pizzas and cheese baked rice. So I used a light cheese cake recipe that used Kraft slice cheese. It turned out soft and fragrant, with a subdue light mozzarella taste. When eating, I topped with icing sugar…

Pandan Chiffon/ Sponge Cake (cooked dough/ 烫面)

This lovely soft Pandan sponge cake is baked using a cooked dough method. The result is a soft cottony cake that would dupe you into eating piece after piece thinking it is just a light dessert. Look at the fine crumb.   I saw the recipe from Jeannie Tay’s blog. The method is however, not…

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Yes, lemon again. My whole family loves it, so I bake it. Try this recipe, it’s so light, it almost doesn’t feel like dessert. There’s no butter, no coconut cream and not too heavy on oil and sugar.

Orange Chiffon Cake

OCC is a ladies’ cake. In my family, it’s popular with me and my girl. The boys don’t mind it. Somehow the orangey tangy taste goes so well with the soft fluffy texture. It really gives an illusion of lightness.

Butter Cake (Mrs Ng SK)

I love eating butter and butter cakes. I think it’s because my Mom used to cut them into thick slices, poke each with a toothpick and serve them as snacks to us kids. This recipe is iconic and rightfully so. The smell when freshly baked is heavenly, and the texture is soft and spongy. Anyway,…